PLEXISTANDS® Acrylic Tablet Stand Features:

Comes with four (4) clear self-stick rubber bumpers to elevate and protect base of stand if desired. Please follow care and cleaning instructions included with shipment. (see our accessory products for purchase)



PLEXISTANDS® Acrylic Tablet Stand will accommodate any size computer tablet and is designed at the perfect angle and height for viewing either sitting at desk level or standing! Perfect steady stand for Skype or Face Time. Rear cut-outs accommodate charging cords.

Absolutely stunning craftsmanship and highly functional clear acrylic tablet stand (3/8″ thickness acrylic!).

Made entirely in the USA.

One-piece construction -no bonded or glued joints and “museum quality” manufacturing.

Bonus health benefit with reduced neck and back straining to view tablet!

“We have one at every desk and patient station”Connecticut Doctor’s Office

“We love it to show clients the autos on our lot from the comfort of our office”Car Dealership, Massachusetts

“My desk station is now complete and professional” Pitney Bowes Corporation

“I love it for viewing recipes in my kitchen while I cook!”B. Willis, Ridgefield, Connecticut

“Perfect balance of form and function. Arrived ahead of expectations and was packaged to protect. This stand is gorgeous.”Marketing Professor, Southern Connecticut State University



PLEXISTANDS® Highly-Polished Acrylic Tablet Stand – Beauty & Function

PLEXISTANDS® Acrylic Tablet Stand will accommodate any tablet and is designed at the perfect angle and height for viewing.



Modern Magic® MicroFiber Cleaning Cloth

You are going to receive  the most incredible cleaning cloth -the last one you’ll ever need!



NOVUS® Plastic Polish 1 – Plastics Polish/Cleaner used by professionals.

NOVUS® 1 – Plastic Polish and the very best cleaner used by professionals.




NOVUS® 2 – Plastic Polish Fine-Scratch Remover used by professionals

NOVUS® Plastic Polish 2 – Fine scratch remover used by professionals.




PLEXISTANDS Acrylic Tablet Stand is Ideal for:

(Note: Tablet not included; this is the PLEXISTANDS® Acrylic Tablet Stand, that is for sale)